This is the place for pizza by the slice in NYC. NYC's biggest annual pizza party for charity! ... Everyone knows it’s the best, so you might want to arrive early if you plan on sampling this one. For many, finding a fast hot meal that is also only one dollar is crucial in a city that is constantly busy and also notoriously expensive to live in. It is the perfect late night snack, the quintessential quick lunch, and let’s be honest, decent substitute for breakfast. Maybe you’ve had it before, so you want to try something different tomorrow. All New Yorkers have… Facebook. The dollar pizza slice is the final frontier of meals one can buy with a single dollar bill. Pizza, especially in the dollar slice form, never has to hinder a New Yorker economically, nor slow them down. NYC's biggest annual pizza party for charity! NYC has been called the city that never sleeps, and pizza seems to be the food that never stops being made or consumed here. Twitter. ‎Dollar Slice NYC maps all $1 pizza spots in the five boroughs. by Bianca Bahamondes August 20, 2018. 10 Of New York City’s Best Dollar Slices.