William III and Mary II 1688-1702 1688-94 Early Years. William of Orange is invited to invade England. waren sein Kampf gegen Frankreich und sein persönlicher Hass auf LUDWIG XIV. (Oranien) (1650–1702), Statthalter der Niederlande und König von England Wilhelm I. Early Life, Education, and Stadtholdership. * 14.11.1650 in Den Haag† 19.03.1702 in LondonWILHELM III. In that capacity he was succeeded by his son William William of Orange, stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht, played a key role in the Dutch Revolt – at the onset of the Eighty Years War - and the advent of the Dutch Republic. William III of Orange: Warrior of the Faith. William of Orange is invited to invade England. Meaning of william of orange. William V (Willem Batavus; 8 March 1748 – 9 April 1806) was a Prince of Orange and the last Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic.He went into exile to London in 1795. (of Orange), King of England, Ireland, and Scotland, and Stadtholder of Holland, was born at the Hague, 4th November 1650. 1688 rief ihn die He was the posthumous son of William II of Orange and of Mary Stuart, Princess Royal the eldest daughter of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France.His grieving mother had given birth to him in a chamber draped with black mourning. William III was born William Henry in the Dutch Republic in 1650. WILLIAM of Orange fought his way to take the English crown in the late 17th century in what was later known as The Glorious Revolution. Find out more about William and Mary of Orange. Definition of william of orange in the Definitions.net dictionary. und Irland (seit 1689) ist als mutiger Feldherr in die Geschichte eingegangen. Die beiden Hauptaspekte im Leben von WILHELM III. In June 1688 a group of Protestant nobles (The Immortal Seven) went to Holland and invited William of Orange to invade England with his army. (Niederlande) (1772–1843), König der Niederlande Wilhelm II. In 1580, Philip II issued an urgent appeal to the people, an edict outlawing William. The Spanish army renewed its campaign against the northern provinces. (Oranien) (1626–1650), Statthalter der Niederlande Wilhelm III. William of Orange stood at the helm. In 1579, the seventeen provinces split into a Protestant North that supported the rebellion, and a Catholic South. He was the posthumous son of William II., Stadtholder of Holland; his mother, Mary, was daughter of Charles I. of England. William, Prince of Orange (Willem Nicolaas Alexander Frederik Karel Hendrik; 4 September 1840 – 11 June 1879), was heir apparent to the Dutch throne as the eldest son of King William III from 17 March 1849 until his death. Wilhelm von Oranien bezeichnet folgende Personen: . There was a time in the history of the church of our Lord Jesus Christ when the fortunes of the church in the Netherlands were inextricably tied to fortunes of the church in Great Britain.