Kungl. Mistra - the Foundation for Strategic and Environmental Research. Hats off to them! Library services. Financing. This future focus is the essence of prevention and the critical role for coalitions like ours. Research support. National Crime Prevention Council is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting public awareness of and concern about crime and to propagate the concept of self-help in crime prevention. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ) is a centre for research and development work within the justice system and is to provide assistance to the agencies of the criminal justice system in improving their knowledge and … Brå primarily works to reduce crime and improve levels of safety in society by producing data and disseminating knowledge on crime and crime prevention work. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Swedish: Brottsförebyggande rådet , abbreviated Brå) is a Swedish government agency organized under the Ministry of Justice, and acts as a center for research and development within the judicial system. The Council also produces Sweden's official crime statistics, evaluates reforms, conducts research to develop new knowledge and provides support to local crime prevention work. NOS-HS. Emil Heijnes foundation . However, the new law does not capture large-scale economic and organized crime to any great extent, which was one of the intentions of the legislation. PhD Thesis Defence. Read the report here (Swedish) Foundation for Jurisprudential Research. “A report has claimed that employees of the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Brå) have been pressured by management to manipulate and obfuscate findings for political purposes….If results were not liked, then there was censorship, organisation of results, dimming of results.” Swedish Crime Prevention Council Sweden: Sex Offences on Teen Girls Up 51 Per Cent Since 2015 Newly released preliminary statistics from Sweden’s Crime Prevention Council (Brå) show that in the last five years, sex attacks against girls aged 15 to 17 have increased by 51 per cent. One thing is clear: there is … The increase can be linked to fraud and especially advertising fraud. Doctoral studies. Research environments. Gustav Adolfs Akademien. This shows a new report from the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ). The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention > Research in brief. County Administrative Board. Others are focused on plans and programs that reduce the likelihood of increases in crime, violence, social disorder and collective trauma.