Inloggning sker via ditt lärosäte / Login via your higher education institution Välj lärosäte / Choose university Check regularly that all completed courses are registered in Ladok. Lunds universitet omfattas som statlig myndighet av offentlighetsprincipen; uppgifterna i Ladok är i regel offentliga. Om du är student och vill se dina uppgifter i Ladok kan du gå in … What Ladok can be used for. Det är dock viktigt att utlämnande av uppgifter sker i enlighet med gällande regelverk. Ensure that the courses are reported as soon as possible after completion. Employee: If you have problems to log in or if you have problems to use Live@Lund, please send an email to LU service desk Student: Go to try to log on. Om du studerar vid Lunds universitet kan du själv logga in i Studentportalen för att se dina studieuppgifter i Ladok.Du kan också skriva ut resultatintyg. In 2018, Lund University introduced a new version of Ladok which has increased the need for support and training in the new system. Cookies are required to use this site. Login to Ladok Please note that this link will not work before 8 October at noon for Administrators and 10 October for Teachers and Examiners . Through a single search field, you can find articles, journals, doctoral theses and books. Ladok is a national, webb based system for student records that is used by 37 Swedish universities and CSN. The Student Records Office is working on different kinds of support for Ladok users. I Lunds universitets lokala register samlas uppgifter om studerande på grund- och avancerad nivå och för studerande på forskarnivå. Ladok - start. However, the courses that the doctoral student attends and completes within his or her postgraduate studies must be reported in Ladok. Your browser doesn't accept cookies. If it does not work, contact Service Desk, Application procedure Studying abroad | Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. Kolla dina uppgifter i Ladok. Ladok är ett datorbaserat system för dokumentation av studieresultat för högskolestuderande i Sverige. Ladok will be updated every fortnight, on Thursdays between 5.30AM – 9AM. Alla externa beställningar av personuppgifter ur Ladok ska du därför hänvisa till Ladokgruppen för att garantera en enhetlig behandling. Välkommen till Ladok för studenter Welcome to Ladok for students. If you are outside the University campus, log in with your student or LU account to access the full texts. LUBsearch is a collective entry point to all the libraries’ joint resources. Once you have checked your plans with your study advisor and with the coordinator at the International Office of the Faculties of Humanities and Theology, complete an application online and attach the required documents (see below). If you are a current student at Lund University, you can view your academic details and results in Ladok and you can use the system to generate and print out a transcript of records (among others). Your name, social security number, address, admission, course registration and study results are examples of information available in Ladok.