It’s good you take health warnings seriously. I make sure I include flaxseed in my diet regularly.This has come to me as a boon because it can cure so many day to day health problems.. Substitute flaxseed at a 3:1 ratio for best results. Whole flaxseed don’t have this problem because the shell is so thick that it generally isn’t penetrated completely before it’s excreted. Flaxseed meal can provide a nutritional punch to many baked goods. However, mature seeds can be fed whole or ground safely with no boiling or other processing. Raw flaxseed contains a substance called cyanogenic glycoside, which forms hydrogen cyanide when the seeds are crushed in water. Nuts and seeds like almonds, legumes, and flax seeds have traces of cyanide compounds. This toxin can be found in the blood after eating raw flaxseed.

However, the warnings over Flaxseed, to me, have picked up a bit too much negative traction. For many, the benefits of flax seeds and flaxseed oil may outweigh the risks of using the product. Flaxseeds contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and a compound known as linamarin which is turned to hydrogen cyanide in the body, and even prussic acid on some occasions. It must be the cyanide, the same reason bitter almonds have been effective in curing cancer. Flaxseed meal is the high protein (32%) meal left over after the flaxseed oil has been extracted from the seed. Raw flaxseed contains a toxin called thio-cyanate—a cyanide-like compound. It’s important to be cautious when using flaxseed oil, as there are several risks and side effects. Experts and scientists say that the daily recommended dose of these seeds is two tablespoon.

The best way to incorporate flaxseed into your diet is by adding 1 to 4 tablespoons of ground flaxseed to your snacks and meals each day.

It has more alpha-linolenic acid than ground flaxseed, but it doesn’t contain all the nutrients of ground flaxseed.

Moreover, most of the cyanogen glycosides are heat sensitive. I would suggest adding some ground flax seeds to your morning oatmeal in addition to your flax milk for a healthier start to your day. does it contain a cyanide? Yes, the contain substances that are metabolised into cyanide. You can purchase flaxseed meal or create it yourself by processing whole seeds in a spice or coffee grinder. Nuts and seeds like almonds, legumes, and flax seeds have traces of cyanide compounds.

Flaxseed has a light, nutty taste that can be added to any number of foods. So this may explain why raw flax seeds have been effective in curing cancer, especially breast cancer. Replace oil or shortening in a recipe with ground flaxseed. Flaxseed meal can be fed to horses, however because the meal has had most of the oil extracted its primary use in a horse's diet is as a protein supplement. May Cause Cyanide Toxicity. Soaking in water for short periods will create the highest levels of cyanide because it allows the enzymes in the seeds to come in contact with the precursor cyanogenic glycosides. Add flaxseed meal to bread, pancakes, muffins, bars, cookies and other recipes for extra nutrition and a nutty flavor. The body handles small amounts of cyanide differently than large amounts. In small doses, cyanide in the body can be changed into thiocyanate, which is less harmful and is excreted in urine.

Flax seeds actually seems like a better alternative anyway since we can fine tune the dosage easier as it contains a lower dosage of cyanide. Also, consider that flax milk is mostly water, along with some flax, so you’re probably not consuming a lot of flax with each serving. After exposure, cyanide quickly enters the bloodstream. It is alright to consume these in small quantities ( 11 ), ( 12 ). As in the ground flax seeds I encourage everyone to eat every day. It is alright to consume these in small quantities , .