Working with commercial and personal projects. Das tolle an den Bildern von Erik Johansson ist dabei, dass diese Kombo

Stellantis By Erik Johansson. Surreal photographer and retoucher from Sweden.

professionellen Fotos mit wirklich MASSIVER Photoshop-Nachbearbeitung als neuen Foto-Surrealismus zur Kunstform zu erheben. Technically I photographed it out on this very hill in Sweden earlier this year with a borrowed telescope and friend as a model. Looking for Stars By Erik Johansson. More . I used around 100 led balls that I placed out around the model and moved around to create the effect of the stars on the ground and giving light on the grass around them. Last One Standing By Erik Johansson.

Working with commercial and personal projects. Shop Art Prints Framed Prints … Erik Johansson is a professional photographer and retoucher from Sweden currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic "I’m a digital artist, shooting all my material on digital camera and putting everything together in the computer. Rejection Process By Erik Johansson.

Daybreaker By Erik Johansson.

This is a new project I've been working on for a while.

Road Closed Unexpectedly By Erik Johansson.

Give me Time By Erik Johansson. Erik Johansson. Impossible Photography Images of Erik Johansson.Erik Johansson is a photographer and retoucher from Sweden based in Berlin .Paiting Images of Erik Johansson Are you looking for fantastic surreal photo manipulations by Erik Johansson? Insofern ist es nur konsequent (und erfrischend ehrlich), die Kombination aus wenn auch nicht herausragenden, so zumindest schönen bzw. You First By Erik Johansson. Above All By Erik Johansson.

Here some are best Fantastic Surreal Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson. r/retouching: A place for high end photo retouching, photo illustrations, photo manipulations and photo compositing. Surreal photographer and retoucher from Sweden.

We Saw By Erik Johansson. For his latest piece, titled “Stellantis,” surreal photography artist Erik Johansson set out to create a photo of someone stealing stars from the night sky.