Solar energy company Midsummer has developed an increased solar roof consisting of a folded metal roof with an installed power of 100 W/m2 for which there is already high demand with current production sold out until March 2020. Solar Roofs by solar energy technology provider Midsummer has increased power on Sweden's most environmentally friendly integrated solar cell roof. The first installation of Bender SunWave has just been completed at a townhouse outside Stockholm. Solcellerna tillverkas med vår egenutvecklade maskin, DUOn. This translates into a trendy designed, discreet and practical folded metal roof with an installed power of 100 W/m 2. Large solar panels up to 330W suitable for 24V systems and larger off grid systems Lightweight solar panels Crystalline silicon and thin-film panels that will bend to fit curved roofs on boats and motorhomes. Developer and supplier of advanced solar energy technology solutions Midsummer today announced the launch of a solar panel exclusively developed for Sweden’s largest manufacturer of roof tiles, Benders, and its most popular Palema model.. Running from our solar powered office based in Cambridge, and with over 10 years of expertise in the solar industry: if you need an off-grid setup, we can help! The demand is high and current production is sold out until March 2020. Tillverkningsprocessen i DUOn använder betydligt mindre råmaterial samt är mer energieffektiv än konventionella tekniker. The first installation of Bender SunWave solar roof tiles has just been completed at a townhouse outside Stockholm. Midsummers innovativa teknik möjliggör en tunn och flexibel solpanel som dessutom är miljövänlig att tillverka. Swedish solar technology company Midsummer partnered with Benders to develop the solar panels and customised them to follow the two s-curves that shape the Palema roof tile. At the product launch in May 2019, Midsummer said it would start taking orders immediately and begin deliveries in October. The tiles are integrated with solar panels, and are the result of a collaboration between solar energy technology company Midsummer and roof manufacturer Benders. The new solar panel is integrated with the Palema roof tile and can be installed on both existing and new Benders roofs. First installation of Midsummer’s invisible solar energy roof tiles in Sweden Tue, Jan 14, 2020 13:31 CET [Stockholm, Sweden, January 14, 2020.]