The card is valid for most train operators, and in many cases covers the entire train ride. One Country Pass laddas med ett antal resdagar innan resan. With the Interrail One Country Pass, you are eligible for unlimited train travel in Sweden.

Kortet gäller som en färdbiljett på de flesta tåg i de anslutna länderna och du kan resa obegränsat på dina valda resdagar.

An Interrail One Country Pass is the best choice if you want to travel just one European country by train! The Swedish passports issued since 1 October 2005 are burgundy, with the words "EUROPEISKA UNIONEN" (EUROPEAN UNION), "SVERIGE" (SWEDEN) and "PASS" (PASSPORT) inscribed at the top of the front cover, and the Swedish lesser coat of arms emblazoned on the bottom of the front cover. If traveling at a reduced rate, the travel may take place at any time, provided it is within the overall validity of the Interrail Pass, even if all the travel days in the calendar have been used up. If you're under 28, you can travel with the discounted Youth Pass. Resdagarna måste användas inom kortets giltighetstid. The Interrail Sweden Pass is the best way to visit Sweden's highlights like Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg. For a reduced passage on international routes, the Interrail Pass must be valid for the country of departure OR the country … Interrail One Country Pass för obegränsade tågresor i ett europeiskt land: hjälp i vårt forum, tidtabeller och information om nattåg. For high-speed trains, such as SJ X2000 and SJ X3000, seat reservation is required, which is sold separately. Currently, there are no Eurail One Country Passes for Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, and Turkey. The One Country Pass is only valid for travel with participating train, ferry and public transport companies in the country covered by your Pass. Available for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days within 1 month. Du kan sedan resa lika många dagar som du laddat kortet med. Interrail One Country Pass. Vi indsamler oplysninger om dine interesser, herunder hvilke sider og annoncer du klikker på, hvilke produkter eller ydelser du viser interesse for, eller køber, på denne og andre hjemmesider. Interrail Sweden Pass. Read more Most high-speed and night trains require a reservation at an additional cost. If you're looking for a single rail pass for Germany, we've got … Take as many trains as you want on each travel day. One Country Pass bokas via kundservice.