Its height, in meters above sea-level, as a function of time is given by h(t) = -4.9t^2 + 292 t + 94. During the biggest Pleistocene glaciations about 20,000 years ago, mean sea level was about 400 feet (120 meters) lower than mean sea level today. Snow is also expected during the day in the northern and central hilly areas located 1000 meters above seas level, extending at night to areas 900 meters above sea level and higher, which includes the capital. The numbers to the left of 0 are the elevations below sea level. A rocket is launched at t = 0 seconds. ... when snow gets forcaste we are told snow may be down to 200 metres which i presume is from sea level .so that is our level here .i have no idea how it is worked out though ... to know we're only 3 meters above sea level . How many metres above sea level is your house Page 1 / 3. You can acclimatize to high altitudes in your own bedroom? (Round answer to 2 decimal places.) I made a horizontal number line. With the barometer at elevations above sea level, the correction should be added since it is a negative value; below sea level, the value is also added but the value is positive. It is Meters above sea level. On my number line, 0 represents sea level. Meters above sea level listed as MASL. kateevans, Aug 12, 7:41am. Even at sea level? By breathing "rare air", you can pre-acclimatize before you leave home. If all of the Earth's ice sheets and glaciers were to melt, sea level could be up to 265 feet (80 meters) above current mean sea level. I made a vertical number line, so elevations above 0 are above sea level and elevations below 0 are below sea level. An altitude generator can produce varying oxygen levels from sea level (20.9% oxygen) to 20,000 feet to 6000 meters (9.5% oxygen). MASL - Meters above sea level. The numbers to the right of 0 are the elevations above sea level. Another sea level pressure category continues to exist for elevations below 750 meters. The rocket reaches its maximum height after_____seconds. The barometer is calibrated at sea level; the higher the elevation, the lower the pressure. 100peaks, Aug 12, 6:14am. Explanations will vary. Mount Everest = = Mount Everest is the highest land based mountain that stands 29,035 feet above sea level. Looking for abbreviations of MASL? At what time does the rocket reach its maximum height? Originally the meter was defined as one ten-millionth of the distance from the Earth's equator to the North Pole at sea level, and later a precisely measured bar was created and used as the definition.