The MG ZS EV Excite starts from £22,245 after the government grant. Aside from perhaps its sticker price, an electric vehicle’s most critical specification is the distance it can travel on a charge. The Long Range Model S from Tesla has the potential of traveling around 375 miles on one single charge. Keep reading to learn more about the longest-range electric cars for 2020, including vehicles that are already on sale as well as those coming to market very soon. You now have a wide variety of electric car options that can get more than 200 miles of range, including SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans. Electric cars have developed and progressed drastically in the last few years. Longest Range Electric Cars: Tesla Model S Long Range. Buying an EV that delivers a sufficient operating range to meet one’s needs can mean the difference between happily driving a zero emissions vehicle that never has to visit a gas station, and becoming stranded at the side of the road with a depleted battery. Take a look at the current UK car market and you will realise that the popularity of BMW and Hyundai is almost similar to that of Tesla, Detroit, Volkswagen or Nissan. We chose eight since no other PHEVs really compare in terms of range. The battery pack produces 44.5kWh of energy with 163 miles possible before needing to plugin. Rapid charging takes just 40 minutes to add 80% charge so not bad for a more affordable EV. Search and compare by range, make, model and price. However, in the event, most of the cars found in this list as of early March 2020 are not actually currently available. All cars benefit from a government grant when brand new, which is included in the quoted price. What electric car has the longest range? 13 Longest-Range Electric Cars on the Market for 2020 Posted on January 28, 2020 by Ben Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to trend toward mass adoption as we approach 2020. As our EV charging infrastructure finds its feet, the priority for many buyers is getting from A to B without having to charge in-between. The cars that made it into our top 10 have a mix of both approaches, and the list has a wide range of fuel types and sizes, as well. The ZS EV from MG is a family-friendly electric car which has a single 143hp electric motor providing power to the front wheels. Range anxiety is a concern for electric car buyers. When it comes to the best value for how much range you’ll get, the 100D (2017-2018) is currently at the top. The electric car market is continually expanding and new car models are launching with each passing year. Model X and Model S from Tesla are an updated version of its electric cars, providing a lot of range. There have been some significant changes made to the drive units of these cars. Up until a few year ago, the Model S 100D was the longest range electric car on the market with 335 miles on a single charge. Check out these plug-in hybrid cars and SUVs with the most all-electric range. We've ranked the ten longest-range electric cars below, based on official WLTP figures, but it's not unusual for your range in real-world driving to to be significantly lower than these. You now have a wide variety of electric car options that can get more than 200 miles of range, including SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans. Which electric cars have the longest range. This list article has been poorly maintained since, at least, 2016.