“Saturday Night Live” star Kate McKinnon told anecdotes about the time she spent with Gal Gadot and showed off her impression of the Wonder … Gal Gadot & Kate McKinnon Lesbian Scene Kissing - Saturday Night Live #GalGadot#KateMcKinnon#Lesbian#Kissing#SaturdayNightLive

Kate McKinnon is obviously a comedy genius, 'Saturday Night Live' is proof of that, but we had no idea she could do such a flawless impression of Israeli actress Gal Gadot. SNL decided to investigate the gay Wonder Woman rumors for themselves and while Diana "felt nothing" on the show, that's not the real reason she was there. The “Wonder Woman” star had a pretty delightful “SNL” debut.

When Gal Gadot took a turn as host of Saturday Night Live in October, she clearly left a lasting impression on one of the show's stars, Kate McKinnon. A recap of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” season 43 episode hosted by Gal Gadot. Kate McKinnon is far and away SNL's MVP, bouncing from Kellyanne Conway to Theresa May to that crazy alien abduction lady in a single episode. Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live on the second episode of the season and revisited Themyscira to make out with Kate McKinnon in a Wonder Woman-themed lesbian sketch. Kate McKinnon shows off her amazing Gal Gadot impression and reveals what it was like to work with her on Saturday Night Live .