Set the link to start at a specific timestamp (Optional). I received a question from one of my loyal subscribers who wants to know how to add timestamps to YouTube videos into the description. When anyone accesses the video, it'll automatically jump to that timestamp of the video. There is something much easier though (for the recipient), that not many people know about. This is a really great question for two reasons. You know how when you click a youtube link, it will start at a certain time on the youtube video? :) – Filip Savic Mar 6 '19 at 20:25 It creates a link to a YouTube video where you set the start time. Hey everyone. Choose a start time: get link preview Copy your new URL from here: So what does this do? This will embed time links inside your Youtube comment sending viewers deep into the video. But is there a way to embed both start and stop time? Cut to the chase with YouTube Time. share. How do you set a youtube video to a certain time upon clicking the link? Archived. How to Timestamp YouTube Comments (Desktop) Step 1. How do you set a youtube video to a certain time upon clicking the link? This thread is archived. Summing up, How to link to a specific time in Youtube comments: Simply type in the timestamp exactly the way you see in the video player. Yes. share. Find out and play back the video you want to add timestamp on. Did you know that you can link to a specific time in a YouTube video?This is a great trick for when you just want to show a specific segment of a video — especially if the video is quite long and the segment that you want to share comes several minutes after it starts playing. In this quick video, I wanted to show you how you could add timestamps to your YouTube description, so if you ever seen a YouTube description that has Timecode stamps and when you click those stamps it takes you to that part of the video, that's what we're gonna look at today. 50% Upvoted. Visit the YouTube website and sign into your account. 50% Upvoted. 0. Check the Start at box and tweak the timestamp. 0. How do you set a youtube video to a certain time upon clicking the link? You can link to a specific part of a YouTube video, so that upon visiting the URL you are taken directly to that time, three different ways: The first is using the Share button on the video page, which will prompt you with a "Start at" selection. Posted by 8 years ago. Put your YouTube URL here: This doesn’t seem to be a valid YouTube URL. Click Copy video URL at current time. 3 comments. It allows you to create a video as a part of a youtube video. Clicking this option will copy the video URL to your computer's clipboard. You copy the youtube link, select the start and the end time, save it as a New Vib and you can share it. When the link is clicked, the video will open on YouTube and start at the specific time. It amends the share URL with the query string needed to start at the specific time. This will be located at the end of the Share panel. Subtitles. Close. First, you can timestamp a very specific part of the video so that your viewer will only see a certain segment of … In this guide, you will learn about TimeStamp, how to link to a specific time on YouTube video, and different ways of using TimeStamp link. save hide report. 3 comments. Is there a way to link to a specific part of a YouTube video? I would really like to have clickable time links on my website that will jump to specific times within my embedded youtube video. This thread is archived. At the bottom left of this window, … How do you do that? Close. I know that this is possible within youtube itself (built in function on youtube where you just put the time you want in the format (0:00) and users can click it to jump to that point). YouTube TimeStamp links are video Hyperlinks or Anchor text. How do you set a youtube video to a certain time upon clicking the link? Step 3. These links help viewers or subscribers to find an important part of your YouTube video. We all know that we can embed a start time in a YouTube video URL (by adding something like &t=1m45s to the end). I often find that I don’t need to share a full YouTube video with somebody, I just need them to see a certain part and so I tell them to just skip ahead to whatever timestamp that certain part is about to start.. Posted by 8 years ago.