HoReCa MAX Premium Burgers wprowadza Smokey Chipotle. Max Premium Burgers Poland, Wrocław. Get a delicious, nutrient-rich boost with our new Supergreens salad mix with baby spinach and kale. Grand Deluxe Burger z Serem w Sałacie. Turn chicken and chips up to the max. Grilled on the Rider Pellet Grill using the 3-2-1 method and brushed with cherry chipotle BBQ sauce, these ribs are insanely good. ... Witamy w MAX … Amazon.com : Smoky Paprika Chipotle – Victoria Taylor’s 5.4 Oz Jar – Tangy Rub Seasoning Adds Smoky Goodness to Any Meat or Veggie, All-Natural Organic Flavors made from Chipotle Peppers with Mesquite Smoke Flavor in every bite. Grand Deluxe Burger Pikantny z Cheddarem. Podwójny Frisco Burger. Great in Chili, Tacos, Salsa and on Pork, Shrimp and Chicken! Infuse pulled pork so it's dripping with smokey goodness. GDL Smokey Chipotle Beef. Use this smokey bacon sauce for steak to add woody richness. Grand Deluxe Umami Burger z Bekonem. Tender, grilled Cherry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs are sweet and spicy, with hints of chipotle chili pepper in a thick, tangy and subtly sweet adobo sauce. Smokey Chipotle z linii Grand Deluxe to propozycja dla miłośników wyrazistych smaków, dostępna w czterech wariantach proteinowych. Go plant-based for a day, week, month, or a lifetime with Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle Bowls. Frisco Burger. Grand Deluxe Burger Supreme. It's time to get that smoke in the pit and fire in your belly. So go the whole hog with Bull's-Eye Smokey Bacon BBQ Sauce. Strona główna Jedzenie Restauracje Max Premium Burgers. Earn points for every dollar you spend towards free Chipotle. Grand Deluxe Burger Ser i Bekon. 16 stycznia do polskich lokali szwedzkiej sieci MAX trafi pierwsza sezonowa nowość. Infused with smokey bacon, this is smokey BBQ sauce with soul. : Grocery & Gourmet Food