Millised on täna SEB panga prioriteedid selles valdkonnas? The legislation will need … To use Apple Pay on an iPhone, open up your wallet app. Apple Pay has been around for a few years now, but for those just getting into the system it is a great way to easily make contactless payments on … Whether to use Facebook Pay or not is up to the users of its platforms, the company says. Here's how to set up Apple Pay and Google Pay, and protect yourself from COVID-19. Vaata veel "You can set up Facebook Pay app-by-app or choose to … Kas SEB kliendid peavad leppima mitme panga konto haldamisega või plaanib pank ka oma klientiele Apple Pay tuge hakata tulevikus pakkuma? Of course, Apple Pay is far wider than Facebook Pay, thanks to … Apple could be forced to allow rival payment services on iOS to compete with its own Apple Pay service in Germany. It’s unclear whether Facebook Pay will also expand to third-party apps, like Apple Pay has. Teavitanud on ka LHV pank, et alustavad Apple Pay toe arendamist oma klientidele.