Northwestern University and Evanston's Only Daily News Source Since 1881 While browsing for new music I thought it would be really cool if a top/ viral 50 of most popular music by genre was added. Subscribe and follow me on Spotify! そんな時はSpotifyやYouTubeで何度も聴いた回数をチャートに反映する方が、音楽消費者の行動をデータ化した現代的なチャートの形ではないでしょうか? ソース Spotify reveals new Viral 50 Chart (Music Week) The Spotify Viral Chart: A New Metric for a New Age(Spotify … You can read the article linked below, please note the article is over a year old, and Spotify's way is to tweak things as they go along with all things Spotify. I had even saved the Latvia Viral 50 playlist and can see it in my playlist list, but it is not possible to open it. This video is unavailable. I can't find these lists neither for my country - Latvia, nor the other Baltic State country (Estonia, Lithuania) playlists. La classifica Spotify Viral 50 - Italia aggiornata: scopri chi è in vetta Außerdem stehen die sogenannte „Viral 50 Deutschland“ und die Top … Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue UPDATED EVERY WEEK! Playlist featuring Kygo, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Coldplay and Tiësto What has happened to the viral 50 and top 50 playlists? Found an article that breaks the Viral 50 playlisting system down some, and the article writer even goes to the trouble to add in useful Spotify sources to how it all works. Auf der Startseite der Charts könnt ihr als erstes zwischen der Top-50-Liste der ganzen Welt und Deutschland wählen. I feel like it would be convenient and a easier way to find new music suted to the person. The hottest and most viral tracks on Spotify.