McCartney himself has recently suggested it was only because it was hot outside, but this doesn't totally answer the question. Here's what Paul said recently ahead of the anniversary of the famous photo. Paul McCartney reveals why he went barefoot for iconic Abbey Road cover. Because the cover shoot for the album was a very low-effort affair. I was walking barefoot because it was a hot day,” an exasperated McCartney told a LIFE magazine reporter who “waded through a … Paul McCartney did not die while with the Beatles, but why he went barefoot on the cover of 'Abbey Road' remains a mystery. The album cover for The Beatles' "Abbey Road" is one of the most iconic in music history. The 1969 cover art features the four members of the band … “On Abbey Road we were wearing our ordinary clothes. Starts at 60 Writers. The band had briefly considered calling the album “Everest” and travelling to the Himalayas for photos on the soon-to-be-titular mountain. Source: YouTube/zinnbardo. The iconic album was released almost 40 years ago. Aug 12, 2018.