In Honeyland, one of 15 feature documentaries still in contention for the Academy Awards, the indelible main character is Hatidze Muratova, a woman from a remote section of North Macedonia. There she lives a humble existence cultivating honey from wild bees and tending to her very old and infirm mother in the rudimentary hut they call home. She will be the only Turkish-Macedonian peasant in the starry audience at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. You can't miss her. Watch out at the Oscars on Sunday for Hatidze Muratova. Hatidze Muratova is a wild beekeeper who lives in an isolated mountain village in Macedonia with her bedridden mother. She scours cliff sides to tend to bees and sells honey at a market in Skopje. She’s plain, sweet, humble, radiates kindness and positive energy, and is full of life’s wisdom. Honeyland’s Hatidze Muratova meets Erasmus+ students There isn’t a person around who doesn’t know Hatidze’s name anymore.