Discover the real Alicante, with our tips on what to see and do. Public transportation is going to be your best friend in this lovely city as well as those nearby in the province. In this post we will give you some tips to learn how to organise your hunting bag, baggage for a few days of adventure or a simple hunting journey with friends. Of all Spain's mainland provincial capitals, Alicante (Valenciano: Alacant) is the most influenced by tourism, thanks to the nearby airport and resorts. Article topics include expat life, family travel, Barcelona tips and raising children abroad. The province of Alicante is one of those places that, far from losing its charm with cold weather and the coming of winter, becomes even more attractive if possible. There are plenty of things to do in Alicante and a little bit of planning can help solo travellers make the most of their stay in the city. So do we. Do you love travelling, getting to know new cultures and meeting new people from all over the world? Located atop Mount Benacantil, at a height of 166 metres, it is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain, with unbeatable views over the Bay of Alicante and on clear days you can see all the way to Tabarca Island. A visit to the Santa Bárbara Castle is highly recommended. Get inspired by local insights and find out all there is to know about Alicante. You probably know about the miles of beautiful Costa Blanca beaches, but Alicante has enough fortresses, fine art museums and fiestas to rival classic Spanish city breaks like Barcelona. Laurens writing style guarantees humor, sarcasm and honesty! The Costa Blanca is an ideal destination to visit in Spain during the winter season, thanks to its mild temperatures (with a 19.3 °C yearly average!) Alicante is definitely the place for you with its incredible culture, delicious food, and fabulous beaches. If you have a good travel story or travel tips to share, just drop us a comment (or two ;) and Christmas traditions. Next we will give you some useful recommendations in order to prepare a hunting bag, choose the proper clothes, required documentation and some other … Nevertheless it is a dynamic, attractive Spanish city with a castle, old quarter and long waterfront. ALICANTE TIPS. The CEA on-site staff in Alicante will give you a transportation card that you will need to refill with trips every week or so, depending on whether you buy 10 or 30 viajes (trips). The best Alicante travel tips and articles. Welcome to Alicante. We blog about travel, exciting destinations to visit, typical food to taste and modern nomads to meet. Are you travelling solo to Alicante? The Expat Chronicle is an expat lifestyle blog created and written by Lauren Covino-Smith.